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The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA fights exclusively to improve conditions that affect the safety, health and security of flight attendants. The AFA-CWA Air Safety, Health and Security Department (ASHSD) provides full-time staff support in Washington, DC for the AFA-CWA Safety Committee chairs and members and is responsible for solving problems that cannot be solved at the carrier level.

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May 12, 2014 CDC MERS Letter-Update to Airline Partners

May 13, 2014 (14:28:00)

On behalf of Travelers' Health at CDC, attached is the latest information about MERS and links to get CDC’s updated information. CDC appreciates the help of airline crew in being vigilant about reporting to CDC ill travelers with possible MERS symptoms arriving from countries in or near the Arabian Peninsula.

Download: Airline-Cabin-Crew_CDC-MERS-Letter_Final_05-12-2014.pdf
AFA Booklet Outlines New OSHA Rules as Enforcement Begins

Mar 26, 2014 (15:26:00)

New protections are explained in AFA booklet

Enforcement of new protections in the aircraft cabin begins on March 26, 2014, six months after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) freed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to regulate the safety and health of crewmembers working on aircraft in operation.

AFA worked on multiple fronts for decades to secure these important safety and health protections for Flight Attendants on commercial aircraft, and has now published a detailed online booklet, The Rules Are Changing: How New OSHA Protections Will Affect You, to inform Flight Attendants about the changes.

Download: FAA OSHA booklet 20140326.pdf
Results of flight attendant health study published

Mar 11, 2014 (17:09:00)

In March 2014, the public health journal “Environmental Health” published the research findings of a flight attendant health study. The research identified higher-than-expected rates of (self-reported) chronic bronchitis and other pulmonary conditions, certain cardiac conditions, hearing loss, certain cancers, depression/anxiety, and sleep disorders among flight attendants when compared to the general US population. Some of these health conditions are more prevalent as tenure increases (e.g., higher rates of certain cardiac/pulmonary conditions after being on the job for longer). The study also identified what appear to be highly elevated rates of symptoms that could not be compared to the US population data, but were serious enough to require medical attention, including musculoskeletal pain and certain neurological symptoms (severe headache, numbness/tingling, memory loss, and lack of concentration).

Researchers launch flight attendant health survey, with online option

Mar 05, 2014 (13:07:00)

In 2007, the FAA funded a Harvard School of Public Health research team to distribute a health survey to a large sample of our flight attendant members at two airlines. The response from our members was tremendous and the survey results highlighted a series of medical conditions that were notably elevated among flight attendants, as compared to a matched population of US nurses. Now, the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute is funding this same research team to re-survey the flight attendants who partciipated in 2007 (to monitor their health over time), so if you participated in 2007, expect an email/package in the mail! In addition, the researchers are inviting any flight attendant with any airline to volunteer to participate in the 2014 health survey. Did you participate in 2007, or are you Interested in joining the study now? Click here

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